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    Labor Lawyers in Spain with Marben

    Experts in dismissals, severance and disability benefits

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    Labor Law

    At Marben Abogados we take care of all your labor problems, whether you are an individual client, a company or a professional.



    In MARBEN ABOGADOS we adapt to the needs of our clients to offer the service that best suits your needs and prices.


    Our customers

    We can help you in the defense of individuals or companies that want to have a labor lawyer for specific cases or permanent advice.


    Marben Abogados, learn more about our firm

    MARBEN ABOGADOS is a law firm specialized in Labor Law. Our commitment is directed to private clients and to help the company offering the best conditions and attention with labor specialists both in advice and management of procedures.

    In order to make this possible, we have configured our Firm as an integral service, by means of an advice that seeks to attend each and every one of the areas of Labor Law and thus be able to offer solutions to any consultation that our clients may have.

    If you need a labor lawyer to resolve and defend the rights of the worker you can consult with us any of our successful cases.

    Our goal is always to obtain the solution for the interests of our clients.

    In MARBEN ABOGADOS we have labor lawyers with extensive experience in the sector.

    Our work philosophy is to always provide our clients with as much information as possible so that they have sufficient elements of judgment to be able to choose the path that most interests them.

    In addition, we are fully adapted to current trends, always seeking to offer the highest level of excellence to our clients.

    Despite the fact that law is an increasingly commercialized sector in which law firms tend to act more as companies than as labor law firms in the traditional sense of the term.

    In MARBEN ABOGADOS we try to combine the best of the classic law firm with the new trends, in order to always prioritize the client’s interest.

    In this sense, we understand that obtaining the satisfaction of our clients is the best way to make them loyal and that, when the time comes, they will trust us again.

    In MARBEN ABOGADOS we offer a personalized treatment to the client for any consultation, on the part of a labor lawyer specialized in labor issues.

    Do you need legal advice?

    Help to process any type of dismissal, severance pay, procedures.
    Count on Marben Abogados and don’t worry about it.


    We integrate new trends with the best of the classic law firm

    We are fully integrated in the new technologies since we have a very dynamic website and we are also in free social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    We periodically publish articles related to labor law in our blog and in social networks, as well as occasional collaborations in the media, as a result of our eagerness to be up to date with the continuous regulatory and jurisprudential changes that occur in labor matters.

    Within the Labor Law, we are experts mainly in dismissal lawyer: Objective Dismissal, Disciplinary Dismissal, Harassment or mobbing, Termination for breaches of the company, Claiming wages.

    Therefore, in MARBEN ABOGADOS we are your Labor Lawyer in Barcelona, with the firm commitment to give our clients the service that best suits their interests, adapting to their situation, needs and budget.


    Services of the labor law firm in Spain

    Within the different areas we cover, our main specialty is Labor Law. In this sense, our firm specializes in situations of objective dismissal (termination for objective economic, productive, technical or organizational reasons), disciplinary dismissal, disciplinary sanctions and even harassment at work.


    Everything you need to know about labor dismissals and the types that currently exist.


    What is an occupational disability, the types there are and the occupational diseases behind it.

    Harassment at work

    If you are a victim of workplace harassment, it is very important that you know your rights.

    Industrial accident

    All the information you need about work accident contracts and the types that exist.

    Illegal Assignment Worker

    Everything you need to know about the illegal transfer of workers between companies.


    Everything you need to know about employment contracts and the different types that exist.

    Services focused on workers and individuals, as well as individuals, as well as companies and professionals


    Labor law of
    Workers and Individuals

    Our labor lawyers for individuals include advice on specific issues, drafting of contracts, drafting and / or filing of briefs, and the defense both in and out of court of the represented workers.

    We are mainly labor lawyers in Barcelona, but we also have collaborators in other provinces.

    Likewise, we advise and defend the rights of workers affected by employment regulation proceedings or other collective measures.

    If you need to resolve the doubts that may arise from any judicial process. Ask for an appointment with a labor lawyer who will study your legal case and work life.


    Labor law of
    Companies and Professionals

    Our team of specialists for the company and professionals includes all of the above.

    However, we also offer the option of hiring us on a regular basis, in which case a contract for the provision of legal services would be formalized for a fixed term and a monthly fee could be established.

    This is an option that more and more companies are opting for as it allows them to have at their permanent disposal a quality legal advice and to have an outsourced legal department through a commercial collaboration and knowing in advance the cost. In these complex times for the business sector, it is necessary to be permanently advised on the existing options.

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    Latest blog news


    Our firm has the professional experts to be able to provide the best guarantees and with guarantees and with costs adjusted to the current market situation.

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    Daniel Martínez Benito


    Lawyer and founder of Marben Abogados with more than 15 years of experience.

    Foto J&M (44)

    Alejandro Jover


    Labor lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in the legal sector.

    Foto J&M (32)

    Sandra Castro Maçana


    Lawyer specialized in Labor Law and Social Security and director of the Social Security area of Marben Abogados.

    Foto J&M (38)

    Paula Martínez Castillo


    Law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, specializing in Labor Law and Social Security.

    Foto J&M (27)

    Sara Escudero Lorite


    Graduate in Law and Criminology from the University of Barcelona. Lawyer with a high success rate in trials.


    Do you need legal advice? Contact with us

    If you need help to process any type of dismissal, indemnity, procedure… Count on Marben Abogados and don’t worry. Put yourself in the hands of professionals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a labor lawyer mean?

    A labor lawyer is a legal professional specialized in the labor area, so that he/she has a training and experience focused on labor law, and knows in depth the labor regulations and jurisprudence. His services consist in advising and managing procedures, either to defend the rights of workers or employers.

    What cases does a labor lawyer handle?

    By way of example, we can name some of the cases that a labor lawyer handles: cases of dismissal, claims for payment, penalties, harassment at work, substantial modification of working conditions, processing of employment regulation proceedings, etc.

    How much does a consultation with a labor lawyer cost?

    The cost of a consultation can vary between 70 and 120 Euros. However, there may be law firms that charge an amount above or below this price range.

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